Cincinnati Shelter Helps Keep Homeless Together With Their Pets

Our families and businesses still recovering from the economic recession of 2008, assistance for the homeless and their pets can be hard to find due to lack of funding and an influx of need. Everyday I read stories on social media about pet owners needing assistance with their animals, whether it be surgery or needing a temporary foster when in between homes.

Most people want to help, but do not have the resources to do so whether it be financial, a lack of space, or one of many other factors. It’s hard to fathom being in a situation where you lose your home, and a family member at the same time.

Sponsored by PetSmart, a kennel has been built below the Interfaith homeless shelter in Walnut Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati. Click here to read the whole article.  The facility holds four dogs and four cats, and most families are at the shelter for 30 days or less. I’m interested to see in a few months how much use the kennel has had, if it has grown, and the positive impact on the families that have come through.

Most homeless shelters cannot accommodate pets, so families are forced into the difficult decision of giving up their pets in order to transition into a more stable housing situation.

“It’s a traumatic loss, because it’s a member of the family and it’s someone kids rely on for comfort and support, so it’s important that we provide the opportunity for that last loss not to happen,” said Stacey Hall with the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati.

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I’m hoping that one day we can proudly say that a facility like this exists in Louisville. Families should not have to chose between a more stable and safer living environment or homelessness to keep their pets. Organizations like My Dog Eats First, provide pet assistance for the homeless and needy right here in Louisville, KY.

For more information on how we are helping the homeless keep their pets OR if you need assistance with pet food, supplies and veterinary assistance, come out to our Waggle Wednesday to receive assistance or drop off donations, every Wednesday from 7-8 PM. Follow our Facebook page to find out where we will be each week.

– By Amanda Gosser
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